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ISO/IEC 19773: Information Technology Metadata registries (MDR) Modules

Last Update: 2012-01-08

Project Editor: Frank FARANCE


ISO/IEC 19773 specifies small modules of data that can be used or reused in applications. These modules have been extracted from the ISO/IEC 11179-3 standard (Metadata Registries MDR), ISO/IEC 19763 (Metamodel Framework for Interoperability MFI), and OASIS EBXML, and have been refined further. These modules are intended to harmonize with current and future versions of the ISO/IEC 11179 series and the ISO/IEC 19763 series. These modules include: reference-or-literal (reflit) for on-demand choices of pointers or data; multitext, multistring, etc. for recording internationalized and localized data within the same structure; slots and slot arrays for standardized extensible data structures; internationalized contact data, including UPU postal addresses, ITU-T E.164 phone numbers, internet E-mail addresses, etc.; generalized model for context data based upon who-what-where-when-why-how (W5H); data structures for reified relationships and entity-person-groups. Conformity can be selected on a per-module basis.


Edition 1 published


ISO/IEC 19773:2011


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