Metadata Registries Workshop 

From April 15 through April 17, a Metadata Registries Workshop was held in Washington, D.C., with about 70 attendees from private enterprise, government, academia, and standards organizations. Practitioners and standards developers discussed progress in efforts to manage the content (semantics) of data that is exchanged between organizations or disseminated via the World Wide Web. The workshop focused on international standard ISO 11179, Specification and Standardization of Data Elements. Presentations and discussions covered a framework for data standardization including basic attributes, naming, definitions, classification, and registration. Also discussed was standard ANSI DpANS X3.285, Metamodel for the Management of Sharable Data, which is a further elaboration of ISO 11179.

Implementations related to ISO 11179 were presented by various groups, for application areas including: Environmental Data, Health Care, Transportation, Census, Learning Objects, and the Global Information Locator Service (GILS). The Workshop also discussed work underway to extend metadata registration capabilities using related technologies such as Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) and the XML Resource Description Framework (RDF) proposed by the World Wide Web Consortium.

Work on the metadata registry standards is being progressed through the National Committee for Information Technology Standards (NCITS) L8, Metadata[1]. If you are interested in this work, your participation in NCITS L8 is invited.

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[1] Committee name and URL updated 2006-01-08.