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Add UK Cancer Grid Metadata Registry to MDR Implementations page.

Updated 19763 project page.  Some reformatting on 11179 project page.


Update document register and ISO/IEC 14957 project page with SC32 N1678 FCD 14957 and SC32 N1679 Disposition of comments on CD 14957.  Added WG2 N1079 WD 11179-4 (Edition 3) to 11179 project page.


Post more documents from WG2 meeting in Seoul:  WG2 N1082R1, N1083, N1084.

Post links to recent SC32 documents as WG2 N1086 through N1090.  See Document Library.

Update Meeting Schedule to move Seoul meeting from Future Meetings to Recent Meetings, and move New York meeting from Recent Meetings to Previous Meetings.  Add Seoul meeting resolutions to Resolutions & Reports page.


Post documents from WG2 N1065 through WG2 N1081 from WG2 Interim Meeting in Seoul.


Update 11179 project status and fixed a broken link caused by reorganization of SC32 library.


Add SC32 N1697 Calling Notice for WG2 Interim Meeting in Seoul, Korea, Dec 3-7, 2007, to document register and meeting schedule.


Reorder Contents pane and Site Map page.

More updates to:

·         11179 project status

·         14957 project status

·         19763 project status

·         20943 project status

·         20944 project status

·         24706 project status

·         24707 project status


Fix broken links in document registers caused by reorganization of SC32 library, and on MDR Implementations page where target pages had moved.


General updates to:

·         11179 project status

·         19763 project status

·         19773 project status

·         20944 project status

·         Meeting Schedule

·         Published Standards

·         Resolutions and Reports


Post document registers WG2 N1050 and WG2 N1100 with documents from New York meeting of WG2, July 13-20, 2007.

On list of MDR implementations:


Post documents for discussion at WG2 meeting in New York:

·         WG2 N1030  Proposed changes to packaging of 11179 model for edition3

·         WG2 N1031  Pre-CD1 draft of 11179-3 Edition 3 ( doc , zip )


Update document register WG2 N1050 with documents published in April and May 2007, including:

·         CD3 ballots for ISO/IEC 20944 parts 1, 2, 3 & 5 and CD1 ballot for part 4

·         CD2 ballot for ISO/IEC 24706

·         FCD2 ballot ISO/IEC 19763

·         Summary of voting on CD 19773

·         WD4 for ISO/IEC 11179-3 (Edition 3)


Change link to Open Forum in Navigation pane and Site map to point to 2007 Open Forum.

Move link to 2006 Open Forum to Past Metadata Forums page.

Update Meeting Schedule for July 2007 meetings.

Update Document Registers WG2 N1000 and WG2 N1050 in Document Library.

Add link to Canadian Institute for Health Information Data Dictionary under MDR Implementations

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