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Posted output documents from the Vilamoura meeting:

WG2 N1215 WG2 Resolutions ( doc , pdf )

WG2 N1220 WG2 Convenor`s Report ( doc , pdf )

WG2 N1221 WG2 Programme of Work ( doc , pdf )


Updated document register with documents from the Vilamoura meeting.


Updated document register with documents from the Sydney and Wuhan meetings.  Updated the meeting schedule with the Wuhan and Vilamoura meetings.


Update document register with documents from in progress WG2 meeting, and new FCD 20944 ballot documents.

Update ISO/IEC 20944 project page.


Update ISO/IEC 19773 project page with link to FCD 19773, and update document register.


Post WG2 N1105 WD2 19763-3 Edition 2 – MFI Metamodel for Ontology Registration.  Update document register with recent SC32 docs.


Post WG2 N1096 interim draft resolution of comments on FCD2 19763-2, which supersedes WG2 N1095.

Post WG2 N1097 editor's draft of FDIS 19763-2.  There are still more ballot comments to be resolved.

Add links to SC32 N1680 (FCD 19763-4) and SC32 N1681 (Disposition of comments on CD2 19763-4) on the document register and the 19763 project page.

Add meeting notice and draft agenda for SC32 Sydney meeting to Meeting Schedule.

Amend dates of the Open Forum and WG2 meeting.  The Open Forum is now scheduled for 4 days from Monday May 19 to Thursday May 24, 2008.

Sort document registers in descending sequence, so most recent document is at the top of the page.


Post WG2 N1095, interim draft resolution of comments on FCD2 19763-2.  The editing meeting will continue electronically.


Post WG2 N1094, output from the ad hoc editing meeting in Ottawa for FCD2 19763-2.

Update Meeting Schedule to move the Ottawa meeting to Recent Meetings, and to add special editing meeting for CD 11179-3 Edition 3 in July, because the editor of 11179-3 will be unavailable in May when the WG2 meeting is scheduled.


Post notice of ad hoc editing meeting for FCD2 19763-2 as WG2 N1093, for meeting in Ottawa, Canada, Jan 18 – 19, 2008, and update Meeting Schedule accordingly.

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