ISO/IEC JTC1 Organization

JTC1 is organized as Subcommittees, Working Groups, and Rapporteur Groups.  Subcommittees that are related are in the same Technical Direction.

Rapporteur Groups
Marketing Rapporteur Group          MRG Documents
Conformity Assessment and Interoperability Rapporteur Group
Implementing Information Technology Rapporteur Group
Former JTC 1 Subgroups
Technical Directions JTC1 SubCommittees and Working Groups
Application Technologies SC 36 - Information Technology for Learning, Education, and Training
Cultural and Linguistic Adaptability and User Interfaces SC 22/WG 20 - Internationalization
SC 35 - User Interfaces
SC 02 - Coded Character Sets
Data Capture and Identification Systems SC 31 - Automatic Identification and Data Capture Techniques
SC 17 - Cards and Personal Identification
Data Management Services SC 32 - Data Management and Interchange
Document Description Languages SC 34 - Document Description and Processing Languages
Information Interchange Media SC 11 - Flexible Magnetic Media for Digital Data Interchange
SC 23 - Optical Disk Cartridges for Information Interchange
Multimedia and Representation SC 29 - Coding of Audio, Picture, and Multimedia and Hypermedia Information
SC 24 - Computer Graphics and Image Processing
Networking and Interconnects SC 25 - Interconnection of Information Technology Equipment
SC 06 - Telecommunications and Information Exchange Between Systems
Office Equipment SC 28 - Office Equipment
Programming Languages and Software Interfaces SC 22 - Programming Languages, their Environments and Systems Software Interfaces
Security SC 27 - IT Security Techniques
Software Engineering SC 07 - Software Engineering